Homeschooled Students


Saint Katherine College welcomes applications from homeschooled students. All homeschooled applicants must submit a complete application for admission and personal statements/essay. Portfolios of creative works may also be submitted. Other admission requirements for homeschooled students have been modified to take into consideration the variety of settings in which homeschooling can occur, and are listed below.



A transcript indicating the coursework you have completed and that which is in progress is required. The transcript should indicate grades that have been received for each course. Detailed performance evaluations are helpful, but not required. While courses do not have to be named in traditional terms, a brief summary of course content is required. Other materials, such as course bibliographies or syllabi, may be submitted, but are not required. If homeschooling has been supplemented by formal coursework either at the secondary school or post-secondary level, official transcripts from the school(s) or college(s) are required.


Standardized Tests

The SAT or ACT (with Writing Test) are required for admission to the Freshman class.



Homeschooled applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from an individual who is able to provide information concerning the applicant’s readiness to begin studies at Saint Katherine College, and should be from someone other than a parent. This person should not be a relative.