Reverend Father Peter Gillquist Endowed Chair of Theology

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The Reverend Father Peter E. Gillquist Endowed Chair of Theology extends the vision of Reverend Father Peter Gillquist, one of the earliest proponents of the College, to equip all Christians with the knowledge and passion needed to take the true Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world and to live as Christ would have us live. We need your financial support to make the Chair a reality. An endowed chair is among the most important gifts to higher education, a vital tool to ensure faculty excellence. Philanthropic endowments have been known since ancient times: The Greek philosopher Plato bequeathed valuable land to his disciples so they could maintain his Academy.The Reverend FatherPeter E. Gillquist Endowed Chair in Theology is intended to honor and recognize the distinction of superior faculty while providing invaluable financial support for use in research and teaching. The College aims to raise $1 million for the Endowment.The College’s goal is to make the Reverend Father Peter E. Gillquist Endowed Chair in Theology one of the most significant chairs in the nation. Such a chair would be worthy of its namesake and of the educational mission of the College. Please help us honor this extraordinary teacher and servant of Christ with a tax-deductible donation to the Endowment. Annual narratives of the past year’s activities and use of endowment funds will be provided to all donors.

Please donate today with a credit card (or Paypal account) using the form below, with a check mailed to the College, or call Diana Fowler, Director of Administration and Development, at 1-760-943-1107, who will be happy to assist you.

Thank you in advance for your generous support both prayerfully and financially.



The David and Janice Bidwell Family

Father Peter Gillquist, of blessed memory, Endowed Chair of Theology

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