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By publishing serious works that contribute to a global understanding of human affairs from a range of Christian perspectives, Saint Katherine College Press  participates in the discovery and dissemination of inquiry seeking wisdom, which is a central purpose of Saint Katherine College. The publications of the Press are the Saint Katherine Review and books and other materials that further scholarly investigation, advance interdisciplinary dialogue, stimulate public debate, educate both within and outside the classroom, and enhance cultural life. The Press is committed to increasing the range and vigor of intellectual pursuits within the College and elsewhere.

Saint Katherine Review

Editor: Scott Cairns

Nonfiction Editor: Kathleen Norris

Poetry Editor: Claire Bateman

Fiction Editor: Caroline Langston Jarboe


Saint Katherine College Press publishes the Saint Katherine Review, a quarterly literary journal of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, brief non-fiction, and book reviews.

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The editors welcome submissions of unpublished works. (Please query before sending longer nonfiction.)

Guidelines for submission:

  • All submissions must arrive electronically as an attachment.
  • Address submissions to the appropriate genre editor (see preferred e-mail addresses above).
  • Simultaneous submissions are strongly discouraged.
  • The average response time is three to six weeks; it is especially slow during the summer.
  • Contributors receive three copies of the issue in which their work appears, plus a one-year subscription.
  • We do not accept submissions by fax.
  • Please e-mail the editors with any questions.



  • While there are no strict length requirements, the poetry editors prefer to read at least three pages of poetry.


Fiction and Essay/Creative Nonfiction

  • Saint Katherine Review does not generally publish pieces over 5000 words; please query before sending longer pieces.
  • Please do not submit more than two unsolicited stories or prose works per year for consideration.



  • Saint Katherine Review accepts reviews of varying lengths: from notes (150 – 500 words) to regular book reviews (500 – 1200 words) to review essays (1200 – 6000 words). Reviewers should consult back issues of Saint Katherine Review for examples. Please query before submitting review essays.
  • Reviewers should consider Saint Katherine Review‘s audience: what contextual information will they need and/or expect? It is often helpful, for example, to discuss where the author or book fits in the contemporary scene and/or in literary history. Helpful, too, are considerations of how the author’s book relates to the author’s other books.
  • Please include citations—including page numbers. We will format your review if accepted.



The Press will consider all titles in the humanities and theology.

We do not consider uninvited submissions in fiction and poetry. We do not normally publish festschriften, memoirs, conference proceedings, or unrevised doctoral dissertations.

Authors wishing to present a proposal should write to the editorial department with a brief prospectus, including a description of the work and its intended audience, table of contents, introduction or sample chapter, expected length and number of illustrations, information on the schedule for completion of the manuscript, and a brief curriculum vitae. Complete manuscripts should not be sent unless invited.

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