SKC share-a-thon

This month we celebrate our patronal feast on the 25th- the Feast of Saint Katherine the Great – with a “Share-a-thon” that will include interviews and updates. The day-long event will be broadcast on Ancient Faith Radio ( on November 24th, including a live broadcast starting at 7:00pm PT. Please dial in and support our work with a generous gift. Your gift will enable us to:


  • Establish a scholarship fund
  • Invigorate our programs
  • Create a capital fund for facility acquisition and future security
  • •Solidify our general operations.

None of this is possible without your help. Donors of $60 or more will receive a delicious thank you of “Cattern cakes”, a tradition enjoyed in the UK for the Feast. “Cattern cakes” originated in Tudor times by the Nottinghamshire lace makers who made them as part of the celebration of Saint Katherine day. They are a lightly spiced cake with a hint of anise seed. Their consistency is similar to scones and they are ideal for the “dunkers” amongst us. Please make your donation by calling 760-943-1107, or by going to our using form below. We are all grateful for your support.

Share-a-thon for Saint Katherine College

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