Faith and Service

Co-Directors of the Office of Faith and Service:  Very Reverend Fr. John and Christina Reimann

At Saint. Katherine College, service to the community is much more than a one-time volunteer experience; it is a lifetime commitment. Service allows us to express our faith. Our desire to reach out to those in need is a direct extension of our Christian heritage and the mission of the College.

Christians have always lived in pluralist societies enriched by diversity and wide cultural values. Alongside this background, they conducted their lives in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Despite rejection and persecution, they gradually came to be known as people who valued one another and chose to help and serve one and all according to the Gospel. Their efforts for the poor and suffering and for justice and community well-being became characteristic values that identified them to the world.

The values of early Christians are a rich source of spiritual guidance for those living today and form an ethical underpinning of Christian witness. Saint Katherine College students continue in this rich heritage. Each student will have opportunities to serve the local community by participating in a wide variety of service and service-learning programs.


At Saint Katherine College, we think that giving back to the community teaches us lessons that can only be learned by serving, lessons that deepen our faith. This is why we see faith and service as inextricably connected.

We invite you to explore our various service opportunities and academic programs that incorporate service and hope that you will be inspired to deepen your faith through service.

The Office of Faith and Service in conjunction with the Dean of Students coordinate and supervise a rich program in spiritual formation. Morning prayers in the Orthodox Christian tradition are offered on campus every day, and these services are open to the public. Two chapel services are celebrated each week with the entire community.  There is an active chapter of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on campus. Students are encouraged to attend regular services at a church of their choice and participate in the life of local church communities. The College maintains a chapel for praying the hours (daily prayers).